In the pure essence of the authentic Patagonia, where the aboriginal roots and the great adventurers of the world converge, Mallín Alto is born.
A unique place that expresses the spirit of Patagonia, the experiences of its first creole inhabitants. Travelers from all over the world come along to these legendary lands to enjoy their best ski/snowboard holidays.
23 km south of the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, and only 20 minutes from the international airport, we find the country house, strategically located at an altitude of 1000 m.a.s.l. in the transition between the Patagonian steppe and the beginning of the Andes, with mountains up to 2,400 m.a.s.l. and forests of impressive lengas and ñires.
Mallin Alto has conformed a team of professionals who have lived Patagonia, who know the region, its traditions and its heritage. A human group trained and prepared to transmit and share the well-kept secrets of this land since its very origins, back in 1881. Willing to make this place their home, and share a genuine Patagonia experience.




Elizabeth Davis- Australia 07/08/2019 - Coolest Trip I’ve ever done!!

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I had the best time. The skiing and the views were amazing (the runs were super long and I got more vertical per day then I would riding the lifts at a resort, and all on fresh powder). Riding the snowmobiles with the crew there was maybe ever more fun than the skiing and they did an amazing job while we were going down to go scope out new locations and fresh powder stashes for us to ride, we ended up so far out there in the middle of mountains, it was a humbling experience to see how wild and vast it is out there.
The Glamping is in a beautiful location, it is warm and clean on the inside, I stayed in one of the private rooms and it had a comfy bed, a nice bathroom, a fireplace and amazing views. The food was delicious with hot meals 3 times a day and there is local home brew beer on tap and a wine cellar. Everyone working there was friendly and helpful. I loved it!

Sadaf Ayub - EE.UU. 24/08/2018 - Unique Solo Ski Experience

I decided very last minute (only two days in advance) to hop over from Chile to Argentina alone to attend this trip. As a female solo traveler (who doesn't speak Spanish) in Argentina for the first time, I had no idea what I was getting into, but this ended up being one of the best ski experiences of my life. Kao and Lucio (the owners ) did everything possible to make my stay as comfortable and awesome as possible, including finding me an English speaking guide to translate for me on mountain and in the lodge.

There was another small group of 5 people at the Glamping for part of my stay that I spent time skiing and socializing with, but I also very much enjoyed skiing alone with the guide and relaxing in the quiet dome once the group had left.

Snow/Terrain -- I visited during an unusually low snow season and there had not been any recent snowfall on the region. Somehow we were still able to find some stashes of untouched or wind blown powder with the help of Kao and Lucio expert knowledge of the mountain. Given the circumstances, I can't think of a better place to have been skiing in the region, and can only imagine how amazing this place is after a fresh snowfall. This place is massive, like a ski resort to yourself, with plenty of variety of terrain. I did not grow tired of the options, I never had to ski over anyone else's tracks, and got to ski everything from long wide-open cruisers to rocky steep faces. I was able to ski a new zone of the area each of my 3 days.

Snowmobiles -- The most efficient way to ski! It was really quick loading back up the mountain to do a lot of long runs (15-20 in just a few hours) and explore new terrain options in different areas of the mountain. Much faster than a snowcat or ski lift, but a lot more exciting! I felt safe and comfortable riding on the snowmobiles with our guides.

Transportation -- Super timely and an adventure on its own. I got a call as soon as my flight arrived in Bariloche and the driver was waiting for me outside the airport. The off-road journey to Mallin Alto is definitely a part of the rugged experience that I enjoyed.

Lodging/Meals -- The Glamping itself is unexpectedly luxurious for how remote it is. Safe drinkable water, adequate warmth from the wood stoves, and comfortable beds. I slept two nights upstairs in the dome which is the warmest room in the Glamping. The third night I switched rooms to sleep in the smaller dome that had an incredible view of the stars at night and sunrise in the morning. The meals were a major highlight of the experience! Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners featured delicious local cuisine and wine carefully prepared by the chefs.

I will definitely be visiting again!

Deane Malott-EE.UU. 24/08/2017 - Fantastic backcountry skiing - without the hike!

My son (age12) and I just returned from a fantastic 2 day, 2 night stay at Mallin Alto. We highly recommend this adventure.

Getting to the Glamping
Our adventure began during the insertion to Mallin Alto. Carlos picked us up at our hotel in Bariloche around 5pm. We drove for about a hour out of town until the road ended at a remote ranch owned by Kao’s great uncle (age 86!). They called this “stage1”. During “stage2” we were soon fording rivers that were up to the floor boards of the car. At points we were driving straight up the stream bed itself. “Stage3” started at the snow line where we transferred to a tracked vehicle that took us up to the Glamping which are perched in a remote alpine setting. It was snowing so hard that we had to wait another full day before we could see the amazing views. Living in the glamping was very relaxed and quite comfortable. The food was excellent and the wood burning stove/heaters made for a great atmosphere.
There are seemingly endless lines with great terrain at Mallin Alto. We had great snow during our visit to Mallin Alto. High winds, snow and clouds on the first day kept us skiing mostly in the trees with a few late-afternoon runs higher on an open ridge. Second day after the wind died, we enjoyed repeated laps on wide-open lines in untracked, light powder. Amazing! In our opinion, a skier who is comfortable skiing black diamond runs at a resort in a full range of snow conditions (powder, crud, wind slab, hard pack, trees) will get the most out of a visit to Mallin Alto. We also found that wide skis were a definite advantage in Mallin Alto’s snow conditions.

Kao and his team are master snowmobile drivers which allows them to summit steep terrain and maneuver between tight trees. As other reviewers have said, riding a snowmobile is a thrilling, demanding and active process. You don’t get the same rest between runs as you do on a lift or cat skiing. Our max was 14 runs on the second day for a vertical of 12,000 feet.

Kao and his extended family/team are excellent hosts. Memories from our Mallin Alto adventure will last a lifetime.






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